Potentially unpopular take: Mazda should just skip the hybrid Miata and go full EV. An inherently complex hybrid powertrain is anathema to what the Miata stands for- lightweight simplicity.

Plus, if we’ve learned anything from early EVs, it’s that ICE or hybrid platforms are a poor substitute for a ground-up EV design. The batteries MUST be in the floor to do an electric EV right (which is to say, taking advantage of the weight distribution benefits of making an EV). You can’t make room for a hybrid if you are doing a proper EV chassis.

For what it’s worth, I’m one of those weird people that DOES dream of an EV Miata. They are delightful cars, but the engine was never the strongest aspect of the car. An EV allows maintaining the simplicity but giving the car what it never had before - power and torque.