I have failed many times at reaching fitness goals, but the pandemic has truly changed this for me. I am in better shape now than I have been since I was in the military 20 years ago. I think the reason is, I could never sustain my will power long enough to create a solid habit. The great thing about working out at home is there is no one there to judge you if you only have the will to do a 10-15 minute workout. I’ve found that the habit of working out is more valuable than the goal of being fit. It quickly takes longer or more intense workouts to keep progressing and I lack the perseverance to keep it up. Long before I can cement a real habit (the experts say 90 days) I start to talk myself out of going or don’t want to look dumb in a gym doing a small workout. But at home, if I lack the grit to do a full workout, I can still do something minimal so I can keep building the habit. Once my habit is built, my brain stops trying so hard to talk me out of working out, that’s when it started to get easier to add to my workouts. It’s definitely slow going, but I’m down 40 pounds over the last 9 months, which is way more success than I had been having before.