Chicken Mekhani-Chili:

First, the chicken… I make it in the Oven at 350 Degrees.

In a Deep pan Covered with Aluminum Foil to keep those juices in – 350 Degrees for 1 and a Half Hours add:

2-3 Lbs of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts covered with Tomato Sauce – I use the cheap 8 oz ones from Superior Grocery or El Super (They usually are like 5 or 6 cans for $1). Use 3 cans or 24 oz of some Pasta Sauce (Garlic and Herb anyone?) to cover the chicken – Season with Cumin, Garlic Powder, Hot Chili Powder, and Sea Salt.

While the chicken is cooking, we start to make the sauce… This is the yummy part!

Onions – Doesn’t really matter as long as they aren’t red onions, but Sweet Vidalia Onions work best here for their… sweetness.

4 Large Onions, Diced in a Large Deep Frying Pan or Pot, add a generous amount of butter (the real kind if possible, not that fake vegetable oil stuff, but in a pinch, they work too), or olive oil to caramelize these onions – take it nice and easy here, low heat, add more butter if needed… Also – Season with Salt. Once they are nice a golden/translucent color… - can also mince some garlic cloves (5-7) up and add during this process as well for extra flavor!

Add in more Tomato Sauce – Obviously diced/peeled/smashed Tomatoes in a can work here as well if you don’t have any more sauce and can add more texture, but sauce works best.

(4-5) 8 oz Cans of Tomato sauce – Season with more Cumin, Hot Chili Powder, Garlic Powder, Black Pepper.

So after you’ve brought the sauce up to a boil while stirring and scraping the bits of onion from the bottom, bring it back down to a simmer.

Now add 2 cans of white great northern beans - 16 oz - drained

Let this simmer for about 10-15 minutes to get the beans warmed up.


Okay, the secret ingredient!

The sauce is almost ready, your chicken is soo tender, and the room smells of good spices…

Soo, then I add some Deans French Onion (Sour Cream) Dip to the sauce. A couple big dollops should do the trick. This will make it look orange and delightful.

Time to cut that chicken up however you like, but I like to cut it into medium sized chunks and then fold them into the sauce…

Finally, let it sit like any good chili – how long is up to you (45 minutes?) and then serve!

Optional Add-ins– Ghost Peppers, Carolina Reaper, Habaneros, Jalapenos, any Hot Pepper works very well here.

Also: The remaining broth that the chicken cooked in with the tomato sauce can be used as well for additional sauce if needed, a nice base for another soup, or just have it as a warm nutrient-dense drink.