I’ve been waiting for this!!! I created an account just to type up my story. It’s the only thing that ever serioualy scared me.

In high school, my then - best friend and her sisters were very into scary things. Halloween, scary movies, you name it. Sophomore year, they were given a ouija board for Christmas. I was very intrigued and couldn’t wait to play with them, even though my mother stressed how dangerous it was. I dismissed it, reflecting that if my friend and her family weren’t concerned, why should I be? I still remember my mom warning me that “bad things could find their way in”. But it didn’t make sense. It was just a board game.

At first it was super fun. We asked stupid questions, accused each other of moving the planchette, blah, blah, blah. And it went on like that for a while. I’d go over, we’d play, sometimes we’d be freaked out, sometimes we’d laugh, that was it. One time, however, I came over and they informed me the board had given them strange information.

“About the knife in the wall,” my friend said.

The knife in the wall was from the previous owners. I don’t know remember when, but sometime during my best friend’s childhood, she and her sister discovered a small, hidden, hole in the wall in the closet. It was obvious the previous owner had used it has a small place to keep special things, as they found pictures (if i remember correctly), and a knife with the name of the previous owner carved on the handle. After informing their mother, the stuff just ended up staying there. They couldn’t return it to the previous owner. He had been an elderly man who had hung himself in the garage, long before (as they reminded me whenever we were trying to scare each other during sleepovers).

Anyway, my friend and her sisters informed me that that day, the board had randomly spelt out NO MOVE KNIFE. They had apparently expressed confusion, and the board had spelt out CLOSET. The board then confirmed it was speaking about the closet knife. When asked why they shouldn’t move the knife, they recounted that the board had spelt out BAD HAPPEN, so they had decided that the spirit had meant something bad would happen. Finally, my friend’s sister asked what would happen if they moved the knife from the closet, and the board spelt out FIRE. According to my friend and her sisters, they believed the spirits were trying to tell them a fire would happen if they moved the knife. Well, that was terrifying to me. But I wasn’t sure I believed it. Either way, my friend firmly stated they would not touch anything in that little hole.

Fast forward about two years later, and we’ve all lost interest in the ouija board. We no longer play with it, and we haven’t touched it in years. I get a call from my friend and she’s almost hysterical. Finally I’m able to understand. There was a wet/dry vacuum left plugged in in their basement, and an electrical fire sparked. Thankfully, no one was home, and their two dogs and two cats were rescued by firefighters. The inside of their house was almost completely damaged by smoke, and they had to live somewhere else for a while. It was a very difficult time for them. Thankfully, they are able to recover and move on.

Years later, my friend and I have an unrelated falling out, and haven’t spoke in some time. My mother and I run into her mother, and they begin talking and catching up. Her mother begins to reminisce about the fire, and says she could have sworn she unplugged the vacuum downstairs. She had been using the vacuum that day, she explained, she had been deep cleaning the whole house. Including, she mentioned, some things from the previous owner.

“He even left a knife in the closet. A knife! I wanted to move it, but the girls freaked out. So I just waited until they weren’t looking and got rid of it.”

It hit me then, that the ouija board had made good on its threat.