F1 watcher since I was 2 y/o, I’m now 40 so yeah long time. Thanks Dad. And I must say that F1 has no reason for existing as it serves no purpose, so it might not be electric because it might be dead or reduced to what it was in the 60s, small teams running around Europe in obsolete hand made cars.

Let me explain

F1 traditionally served three purposes, to the traditional racing teams it is their reason for being, to race for the sake of it, plus it helps them sell cars (to rich people), think of Ferrari and Mclaren. For Williams it helped them get engineering contracts from car makers and such.

For manufacturers such as Mercedes, Renault, etc., it helped them develop new technologies for their cars plus it was a handy way to have worldwide advertising (especially if they won).

The third purpose that came later was pure advertising as seen with Benetton and now Red Bull which saw it as a way to link their brand to the glamour of car racing.

However today there are no technologies to develop in F1 that would help anyone have a more advanced car than Tesla, IMO the most advanced car in the world. If you think F1 is cutting edge, Elon would show you a rocket and well game over. Not the electric system, the electronics or even the materials. This means that for the big manufacturers the reason for spending 200 million there is gone (Formula-e is much more reasonable and seems very helpful).

So we eliminated one group of participants and we remain with 2. I think the last cars to ditch ICE will be supercars, however how much money can they continue to spend in developing ICE when electric cars begin to be faster than they cars. yeah sure Ferrari would say , hey you need the noise, but would they tolerate some idiotic Croatian or American car is faster than their supercars? I think not and will switch to electric, same for Mclaren. So even them will have to confront the reason for remaining in F1.

And for the advertising, well I don’t know if all the big car names leave they will consider spending their money there.