So people, after some deliberation, I think there’s one more trip I can recommend for a future spring Eurooppomeet: Hungary :-) Yes it’s my country, so I wouldn’t travel far and see brand new places, but that’s also a good thing, as I’m here to do all the recce runs we’ll need. Plus translations :-D

Because Easter is quite early in 2020, snowy places can be a bother to travel through. However, Hungary is quite low, with only a single peak over 1000 meters, and it is quite warm and continental. That’s not to say it can’t rain, heck, in April it can rain for the full week, but with global warming this is less of a threat and more of a possibility.

I would propose to do two hubs. One should be in the north-east, to combine the vine region of Tokaj with some of the best loved rally stages in the Bükk hills. I happen to know the captain of the Diósgyőr knight castle, he used to work for Renault Hungaria, maybe we can organize some swordplay? In any event, there are good roads, and great places to visit, with some broken down industrial regions and poverty stricken villages mixed in.

On the way towards Budapest and the other hub, we should probably call on the tape museum in Terény. I’ve been there, that place is completely bonkers. Maybe not for everyone, anyway, I would say we should do a night out in Budapest between two hubs, then drive on towards the south-west!

The other hub should be in the Mecsek, another rally-infested woods, with the marvelous city of Pécs as the center. There we can combine day-trips and driving with bathing and forest.

As an extra program, one of the greatest roads out there, the Transfăgărășan, isn’t that far anymore, once you made it as far as Hungary. I’m yet to drive there, but have been told it is truly great, with the caveat the roads to and from are sometimes hurting low cars and low profile tires. And would add another night sleep and a lot of miles, so it’s not for everyone, but who wants to, can go :-)

Ok, so all this needs a lot more thought, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. A bit different, than our previous trips, as most of these places aren’t off the beaten paths, but should be fun!