I’ll just copypasta what I wrote over at Allpar:

If Chrysler gets turned into 80% PSA badge jobs, I’m OK with that. Their emphasis on style/design is better suited to them than Dodge and it’s more in keeping with Chrysler’s roots than the “people mover” idea FCA had in mind for them.

My ideal lineup:

- Chrysler 300
- Chrysler Pacifica
- Chrysler Atlantica (from DS7 Crossback)
- Chrysler 200 (from Peugeot 508 Fastback)
- Chrysler 100/100 Skylight (from DS3/DS3 Cabrio)
- Chrysler Sebring (from Opel Cascada)*

Of course there will be more crossovers than I want since that’s what people have convinced themselves they need, but as long as those models are there I’m good...

*Buick has pulled the plug on the Cascada, but I don’t know if Opel have...