There are a lot of potential ways this could go... So I’m going to focus only on one brand for now... Chrysler.

I’d like to see Chrysler get some love. The 300 isn’t objectively bad, but it’s in need of an update. Give us a new large RWD/AWD platform that is shared across Chrysler, Opel, Alfa, Lancia, Maserati. That could provide the bones for a new 300, Alfa 169, Lancia Thema, Maserati Quattroporte, Opel Omega. A starting point for this could be the current Alfa Giulia platform, but it needs to be bigger. Push the 300 a little up market too so we make room for a new “200" below it (more on that later in this comment).

Also, since this would be a new “300" and a revamping of the entire Chrysler brand... maybe we should drop the “300" moniker in favor of a real name. Yes, I realize it has a long history and heritage... but we need to draw in a whole new generation of buyers. Perhaps “Chronos” or “Imperial”... I’m open to suggestions.

Since I brought up Lancia... maybe it’s time we accept that Lancia as a full on brand is long dead. Forget that earlier Lancia Thema idea... perhaps it’s best to follow the example of what Mercedes did with Maybach? Make Lancia a small batch, high luxury, highly customizable offering. For example, take a Quattroporte, give it some unique bodywork, a stunning interior, a plethora of color and materials options, mark the price up 200%. Make them only to order.

Ok, back to Chrysler...

The Opel Grandland X (there is even a hybrid) or Peugeot 3008 could fit in as mid-size Chrysler SUVs and give the brand a much needed offering in that market. This would be a quick nip-tuck and re-badge to get something on the market in this space ASAP. Perhaps the Grandland would be a better fit for Dodge as a replacement Journey and the 3008 a better fit with Chrysler as a slightly more luxurious offering. Going forward, a mid-sized SUV platform could be shared across all the brands... since, let’s face it, mid-size SUVs are our future...

Ok, getting back to this idea of a new “200". The Peugeot 508 could serve as a new Chrysler “200"; but please don’t use that name anymore, rather, let’s also give it an actual name.. like “Chrysler Atlantique” (which would be a nod to the old concept, the trans-Atlantic partnership and the French bones underneath).

And yes, they even make a wagon... If they play this smart it could be a Subaru Outback competitor (which we recently learned holds 85% of the wagon market). That does mean they would have to give it a lift and black plastic cladding to “toughen” it up... but since I’m dreaming here anyway, they would also offer the standard wagon for those who would like to order one.

I think you would need a smaller offering in the Chrysler line-up... a Chrysler Encore if you would... So the Citroen C4 is a good candidate to do this with. Don’t bring the Mokka over, at least not in it’s current generation.

So that gives us a new 300, a new “200" , a mid-size SUV, a compact SUV, and I’d say they should borrow the next Grand Cherokee/Grand Wagoneer to bring back the Aspen to give us a full-size SUV offering. 

Ok... one quick tangent before I wrap this up.... bear with me...

I present to you... the new Dodge Dart (aka 208 GTi)!

Yes... technically the Opel Corsa could also serve in this role, but I just prefer the 208. We can affectionately call it the “Hellkitten”, with it’s cat-scratch DRLs and all.