The only knowledge that I ever cared about possessing about whip antennae came from an employee who used to be the head of a Hell’s Angels chapter in Nevada (he worked for me to satisfy his parole requirements).

I was fair to him, looked past his looks (lots of tats before that was a thing) and well, literally past, so he took an interest in looking out for me as I was a young, skinny gay kid in a not so understanding part of the state.

He told me that if I ever got in a bar fight, or cornered in a parking lot, most whip antennas would snap off pretty easily at the base, and made for an excellent weapon, because if you hit someone with it, they tended to cut through clothing and meat, effectively taking them out of the fight. If you couldn’t get a good swing for some reason, the resulting strike would stun an person and buy you some time to get away.

He was a real character let me tell you. He taught me the proper petrol/detergent mix to create my own “napalm” type fire accelerate should I ever need it, and even once offered to put a hit on my father who refused to co-sign an a car for me (I of course refused simply to keep my siblings from growing up without a father).

All in all, a scary dude at times, but docile as a kitten if he liked you. Hard worker as well, not one to shirk off his responsibilities and remotely give him a reason to fire him.