I have a question about empty studios. I go to a large wellness center which is on the expensive side and the clientele ranges from late teens to quite old (it’s part of a hospital system so a lot of the members are the elderly in rehab programs). I like to go at a time of day where it’s much less crowded (lunchtime). When I get there, there is typically an empty studio where I set up my little workout station. I really don’t like the harsh overhead fluorescent lighting so I don’t turn on the lights. The windows give more than enough light for me. Usually this isn’t an issue, but sometimes other members will come in and go ahead and turn on the lights. I kind of feel like if there were someone in there before me, I would leave things the way they had it until they were done, THEN put them how I like them once they leave. Shouldn’t people offer me the same courtesy? I realize this is probably really petty, and I am perfectly capable of working out with harsh overhead lights, but aren’t they as capable of working out in a more dimly lit room? It’s not like it’s super dark, as I mentioned before there are windows with plenty of sunlight to keep things safe. Am I being ridiculous?

Ultimately I think my gripe comes down to this being one of many types of situations where I realize other people have as much right to do stuff there as I do, so I don’t say anything. People use the the passing lane on the track to walk two abreast with a friend, even though it’s prominently and frequently posted that the outside lane is for passing only. I weave and dodge around them when I am running. That’s not safe, but I don’t say anything. I go out of my way to accommodate other people and their foibles and preferences, but they don’t do the same for me. They have as much a right to be there as I do...but I also have as much a right to be there as THEY do. Ok, rant over!