I go to Chuze Fitness. It’s inexpensive, the one I go to is new, it’s open 24 hours a day Mondays through Thursdays, it’s in my neighborhood.

There are several stations with paper towels and disinfectant spray located all around the gym. I feel like 40% of people use them. Most people who use the weight machines walk away and don’t wipe down the machine they just used at all. It’s gross AF.

So, do I narc these people out to the employees? I have before and felt bad that I tattled. Then I mentioned to a dude that he should wipe the machine down when he’s done after waiting for him to finish his sets, and it turned into him sticking his finger in my chest and him getting kicked out for being aggressive.

Just trying to not catch something gross.

So, point it out to an employee? Write a scathing review on Google? Or keep my gag noises to myself?