Dad with two kiddos reporting in, there’s only one part of this that should matter, and it’s the part that makes the Journey a joke in 2019.

“The Dodge Journey was designed well before IIHS implemented its small overlap crash, headlight, and crash preventiontests, so it’s no surprise that it scores the worst rating, “Poor,” in the first two and gets a “not available” in the last”

If you buy, to haul around your family, a vehicle this bad at keeping you safe, where they’ve done nothing to improve it for years, when statistically you are most at risk when you’re driving around in it, again with your family, purely because “at least it’s still new, even though it’s cheap and old,” then you’re an idiot.

For reference, and because I actually bought one, here are the crash test scores from a 2011 (!) Mitsubishi Outlander:

If keeping your family safe, as well as hauling them around, is your priority (it damn well should be) then you’d have to be, to quote Richard Hammond, “catatonically stupid,” to buy a new Journey any time after 2010.

I apologize that this turned into a bit of a rant, but come on. Jeez.