Bob Hartwig, the man who owns Moviemachines, a company providing cars to TV shows and movies, built the Ghost Rider Chargers for Agents of SHIELD. (And in the bizarre world of 6 degrees of separation, the Charger grille I bought off Ebay came from Hartwig—literally.) Here he complains about the Fast&Furious car builders “ California has been picked clean by the boys at Universal”.

Regarding Toretto’s F&F9 Charger having a “Le Mans feel”, there’s precedent. A hulking classic Charger at Le Mans actually happened. Altho it was a 3rd gen, it was out there mixing it up with the tiny Eurocars during the 1976 race:

However Toretto’s Charger is painted, I doubt they’ll pay homage to the gold&white livery. Which is a good thing.