This gives me a great excuse to remind everyone that the 370Z’s chassis quite literally predates the world’s first commercially available camera phone.

While the 370Z was introduced in 2009, it runs on a refreshed version of the 350Z’s chassis which began development nearly a year before the first cameraphone went on sale:

After the positive response to the 1999 240Z concept, Nissan greenlit a successor to the 300ZX in February 2000

Thus development on the 350Z’s chassis began as early as 9 months prior to the release of the first commercially available cameraphone, the Japan-only J-Phone J-SH04.

The first cameraphone to be sold in the US, the Sanyo SCP-5300 from Sprint, was released in November of 2002, four months AFTER the 350Z went on sale in Japan, and three months after it arrived in US showrooms.

Now, you might think 2002 wasn’t that long ago, until you realize people born after 9/11 are already legally driving. Yes, the 370Z’s chassis is old enough to drive.