Hi, I need help with something. Hopefully somebody out there will be able to answer a question.

I have a dear friend who sadly only watches Fox News. She got all upset about the new abortion law in New York, and claims that people are “lining up” to get late-term abortions.

Now, I doubt that this is true. However, I don’t know what the exact story is. I don’t quite understand what the ramifications of the law are. I told her I can’t imagine anybody having a late-term abortion unless the baby is dying or dead. Jezebel recently published two poignant articles from mothers-to-be who had to go through this. I passed this information on to her, about the severe birth defects that made these procedures necessary.

Unfortunately, my friend seems to think that there are people who would deliberately wait until eight or nine months to have an abortion out of some sort of sadistic or sociopathic impulse.

I don’t want to buy into her hysteria, and I would like to be able to respond calmly, with facts.

However, I don’t know exactly what the facts ARE. I was hoping that one of the well-informed people here could enlighten me? Thank you so much.