18 year old me tried to do an oil change without looking up how to do an oil change.

Was my first car, a 1995 Ford Aspire. I decided that oil changes were easy to do so I went to Wallmart and bought some oil. Got to my parents house and figured it would be safer to do it in the garage since it was somewhat leveled. I lifted the car, placed a bucket under what I thought was the oil pan and opened up everything.

I learned a couple things in the next minute:

1- Oil comes out with far more speed than I expected

2- It completely missed the bucket

3- the bucket was WAY too small anyway.

So now there is oil everywhere on the ground slowly getting into the gravel we have in the garage and I can’t get under to put the plug back on.

So I pushed the car out of the garage, got under again and put the plug back on. Then I put the oil I had bought and figured that was it.

Job’s done right? I wish..

Now I have to figure out a way to get all the gravel and the oil out of the garage before my dad gets back. Took me an hour or so to shovel everything but I have no gravel to replace the old one with so there is a hole in the middle of the garage and I have a wheelbarrow full of oil-filled gravel.

Let’s just say my dad wasn’t impressed.

I’ve let pros take care of the car maintenance since then.