I had an ‘88ish Olds Cutlass Ciera Brougham similar to this picture but with white wheels, a red pin stripe down the side, and near-limo tint. Had the burgundy interior too.

So the most embarassing thing I did to it was a 900watt sound system and cruising around the local commuter college listening to Prodigy and Godsmack booming. (2) 12" subs in a band-pass box that had a clear plex window. Bought all the equipment from the local flea market. The subs took up the whole trunk. No sound deadening. The trunk would bounce quarters and rattle. I remember the rear view mirror falling off one time. “Wicked fire starter...” ‘cause it was so hot. Sigh.

Otherwise, the car was nice. Had some computer trip gadgetry. Got enough speeding tickets in a short time frame to have to rent a defensive driving class - on VHS.