The only green thing I’m overly concerned with saving is greenbacks. Having said that, I have been watching the EV market closely to see if I can replace my commuter car with something a little lower maintenance.

Here’s the wish list. Fully optioned at $38,000 MSRP before incentives or rebates, max. Single-pedal drive mode option. 300 mile claimed range in the winter with the heater on. LEATHER Seats that fit a full-size person, not just a 110 pound 20-something. (The fit and fabric of the seats in every EV I’ve sat in has been terrible. Leather stands up to the commute/car pool wear and tear much better than cloth.) Receiver hitch option so I can mount my bicycle rack. Roof and strap-on racks suck if you pedal almost every day (and have a crippled up shoulder like I do). Bonus points if it comes with an adapter or two so I can use whatever type of charging station is available to me rather than being forced to find a brand proprietary charging station.

Phone integration beyond hands free calling, ‘driver assist’ features like lane keeping and such, enormous touchscreens with no button or knob controls... NONE of that is a selling feature for me. Other than the occasional phone call, I won’t use a single bit of the technology so why should I pay extra to have it?