Honestly after having just picked up a lightly used 500e (seriously have you seen how cheap these things are?) the only thing missing is the infrastructure to support them. It’s hard as shit finding a level 2 charger in my part of the country. But I can easily find a gas station at every corner. Fix that and the biggest problem is solved.

Range anxiety isn’t really a thing but charge time anxiety is... Assuming you even have space to plug this thing in at home level 1 charging takes forever. Even level 2 charging is slow enough to make you worry about long trips, not because of running out of power but running out of time if you need to charge it at some point. And assuming you do find a spot or two they’re probably full since there’s not that many to begin with.

Larger battery capacity helps but still doesn’t beat out how stupidly easy we’ve made it to quickly keep ICE vehicles running ANYWHERE in this country.