I’d like them to try new things. The needs of an electric car design are such that there is a lot more flexibility about placing components (battery can be shaped, or used as part of the structure, motors are a lot smaller etc.).

Instead all we get is sedans with a frunk (Tesla), the same old cars with the engine bay filled with batteries (all the compliance specials but not just those) or the same cars as usual but with a more futuristic look (all the prototypes seen at the auto shows).

I like VW bringing back the microbus precisely because this flexibility allows them to build it in such a way that it’s not a death trap. I’d like it if Vanderhall or Morgan or whoever got their act together and released an electric 3 wheeler. I’d love to see electric buggies and weird configurations for cargo or at least different driving experiences.

As for recharging, if I can drive 4 hours out of a 1/2 hour recharge I’m cool. Nice for you if you’re so macho that you’ll drive 8 hours in a row all the time, I can live with a car that actually makes me take a healthy attitude to long drives.