An interior without a bunch of useless shit in it. This limits me to cars from about 2004 or older. Unless I want to go live in India, Thailand, or Indonesia or something.
I hate infotainment systems. Especially touch screen ones, you can go scrape the inside of your nostrils with a rusty spoon if you’re one of the people putting those in cars. I don’t give a flying fuck about heated seats and steering wheels. If I’m cold I’ll put on a jacket. Screw your fake chrome trim that’s just plastic that shines in my eyes and blinds me in the evening. I don’t give a shit about how many cupholders, as long as there’s at least one. And for the love of god I hate having a thousand buttons on the driver’s side door to control shit like autodimming mirrors and the automatic window lock. I want to be able to roll the window down without having to lift my arm and look every time because I accidentally turned on the opera light in the door instead.
If the interior’s more complex than a ‘98 Neon I usually find myself grumbling about all the bullshit I have to deal with before I even start driving, let alone when I am driving.