In a previous gig working in operations at a small CT regional airport, I was trained to operate an Oshkosh T-1500 crash rig just like the one in the photo. One of our requirements was to be able to respond anywhere on the field within three minutes if the crash alarm is pulled. Welp, one day we had an unannounced visit from the regional FAA rep, and she was up in the tower with her stopwatch when she had the tower chief ring the alarm. There were two of us ops guys on duty so we both beat feet to the garage to suit up and pull out the trucks. (we also had an older International kept as a backup) Both trucks rolled out at the same time and after contacting the ground controller for field access we headed to the midpoint of the furthest runway. Now Yours Truly was in the Oshkosh and the other guy Alan was in the International, and he was ahead of me by a few lengths on the access road. Just then, and for no good reason my latent competitive spirit kicked in and I went off the access road onto the grass to pass him. Right over a small grass berm, which I didn’t see until it was too late (blinded by the red mist) launching the truck into the air. I was told by one of the maintenance guys watching the fun that there was daylight between the wheels and terra firma. Coming in for a landing all kinds of shit in the cab went flying including radios, clipboards, Doritos and a fire axe. We made the three minute drill with time to spare, and once back in the garage Alan was still laughing hysterically over me getting air in the big Oshkosh. I’m just glad the boss didn’t see it.