Well it wasn’t me behind the wheel, but I was standing 20 feet away from the car when it came to a stop. Some friends and I had a Mercury Topaz “woods beater” that we uh, beat on in the woods like a forsaken rally car. One nice summer day, a couple of kids who I don’t even think were 16 took it for a spin. We were down in a valley waiting for them for a while. Then we could hear this ominous thunking sound from up on the hill.

Apparently the car had died, AND had no brakes, but they had resolved to get it to the bottom of the hill. So they were crashing it against trees, going from one to the next, getting down the hill step by step. (This was more OK than you’d think.) But on one of the hops, the driver felt they got a little too much speed and couldn’t quite stomach hitting the next tree, and decided to go ahead with the rest of the descent.

As you go down this hill (basically a dirt path wide enough for cars to fit) the grade shoots from 10% or so to maybe 30%, seemingly vertical. The hill is referred to as “death wish.” So they were fyling when they got to the 30% drop. They jumped over that whole steep part and landed the car face-first on the valley floor, sliding it on its nose for 15 feet or so, narrowly avoiding an end-over-end tumble. It was something.