Something that stands out to me is that today’s cars are getting almost too nice. Looking at the new cars on the list, every one of them is ragged for being basically being boring. “Driving it feels like going to work in a fog because you slept poorly the night before and when you get home, you have no memory of what it is you actually did that day.” would be a great car 20+ years ago. 20+ years ago, some tuner making a car that can go, turn and stop like the VLF Rocket would have been the best car in the world. Now, it’s “meh, Ford makes a factory car that better for more money.”

We ALMOST forget how far we’ve come. Thank God, David Tracy is still on staff showing the unexplored depths of crap that car ownership can be if the question isn’t “Why did I pay that much for ...” but “Why didn’t I pay more for...”