I echo many of the gripes here, but I will offer a couple.

I think the single worst offense I can recall is Hugh Jackman jumping into a car in Swordfish, grinding the gears obnoxiously, and then admitting in a moment of self-awareness he doesn’t know how to drive stick. John Travolta, .50 cal in tow, yells “learn!” and suddenly Hugh is deftly cruising through the chase, driving the TVR.

Gee, if only I admitted to my old man that I didn’t know how to drive the stick I was learning on, he could have yelled “learn!” and saved us both a week or so of father-son driver’s ed misery.

Also, drivers (typically male) who are way too calm as they perform virtually impossible driving maneuvers, and passengers (typically female) who screech and yelp with every turn, as if their character can offer nothing other than the constant affirmation that it’s stressful to be a car chase passenger.