We cover a ton of this on Reels & Wheels, but I’ll break down my favorites:

1. First pet peeve is the headlight thing. I think it just makes cars film better, but every car always has its bright headlights on and the driver leaves them on after exiting the car, giving zero f—ks about his or her battery. Worst offender? Robocop. There’s literally a Taurus that has old school headlights frankensteined onto it just to get that “I’ve got my brights on in the dark” scene.

2. Shifting WAY TOO MUCH - MST3K covered the worst offender - in Mitchell, there’s a ton of manually shifting a Mustang with automatic transmission.

3. Bump things. That’s OK! In Cobra, Stallone seems to love his Mercury, but still has no qualms bumping stuff with it. And it magically repairs itself.

4. HERE, TAKE IT! When was the last time someone just tossed you the keys to a car?! Somehow it’s a trope that someone will just give it away? Really, Mr. Miyagi? Hell, even Captain Kirk gives away his motorcycle to a random stranger in 2009 Star Trek. What about taxes? Titles? Registrations? License plates? None of these exchanges are legal!

5. Where the hell is the jet engine? Biggest offender - Most Tim Burton-era Batmobiles and the 1966 Batmobile. The jet engine seems to start at the front of the car and end at the back, but somehow Batman is sitting in the middle? Last I checked jet engines don’t have an empty middle.