Manual shifters have 400 gears.

The driver talks to the passenger and never looks at the road.

Action scenes involve excessive swerving around....nothing.

Airbags never go off in crashes.

Tire blowouts always cause a car to flip.

You can drive as fast as you want if the column shifter is in park.

Reverse 180's are easy as hell.

In high speed chases, no one runs out of gas.

Burnouts have no effect on tire tread.

Sidewalks are a great option during traffic jams.

If the windshield gets broken, it will fix itself in the next shot.

You can jump over stuff. Even if you don’t have a ramp.

Hubcaps always come off during chase scenes, even if the car has alloy wheels.

Cars never need to be washed. Any dirt will disappear for the next scene.

Seat belts. What are they for again?

No one ever has to adjust the seats or mirrors.

Every car has a V8 sound, even if it has an inline 4.

Dents repair themselves.

If your truck has a brush bar, you can drive through a brick wall.

If a moving car hits a parked car, the moving car will go into the air and land on the roof, then explode.

If a car goes off a cliff, it will explode - sometimes before it hits the ground.

No matter how bad the crash, the driver is always bleeding from the head, but is still in once piece. Then the car explodes.