Faster and more sporty/better driving feel is all I’m really after. I currently daily drive a 2011 CT200h. Beautiful car, wonderful gas mileage, practical, reliable, comfortable and decently priced. It checks every box I need for a car that I drive everyday. I do love it, but it is slow. My previous car was a 99 Corolla, manual. That car is about as fast to 60 as the CT, and with the manual transmission it was so much more engaging to drive. Is perfection too much to ask on a limited budget? Because that is basically what I am looking for. An FR-S shooting brake would be a nice compromise; alas, it was never meant to be.

I’ve been eyeing 3rd gen Supras as a weekend car to scratch that itch without replacing my current ride and/or going broke. And I probably will still end up the latter, because simply purchasing and maintaining a car is never enough for me. A full 2J swap would be too much, but a little bit of power here, some coilovers, and wouldn’t you know it, there went my paycheck(s)!