My past two vehicles have been a Saleen supercharged 2008 Mustang GT and now my current 2012 Nissan Titan. After driving the truck for the past 6+ years and 110k miles I’m going to get something new and Q2 next year.

- Sedan or hatch/wagon body

- Manual transmission

- Strong acceleration but good gas mileage (sub 6 seconds and 30+ highway), fun to drive

- Needs to be safe, good crash ratings - I drive 55 miles in Houston everyday surrounded by bro-dozers and massive SUVs

- High end sound system and heated/cooled seats

- Decent truck and backseat space - this will be our family’s road trip vehicle

- Under $50k

- Possibilities: Genesis G70, Accord 2.0T, Subaru WRX, BMW 3 series...?