ok is this too much to ask? I may be in a very small niche but a niche nonetheless.

My wife and I area diehard manual enthusiasts. we have two kids and the Mazda5 (manual) is THE perfect option (because sliding doors, low roof, manual)

well we’re about to “upgrade” to a third baby and honestly the Mazda will become too small. yes it has rear seats but when you open it up there’s no trunk..

another option is to import a middle jump seat and seatbelt from a european or japanese model (youtube karuki seats) and essentialy make it a 7-seater but it’s not certified in the US for 7 seats so I’m sure I’d run into legal issues there.

So what do I want out of my next car:

I want a Minivan Proper, with sliding seats, with a 3rd pedal option for people like me, or my wife or others.

I understand that the audience will be small but I promise you, I swear on the moon and stars whichever automaker listens to my plea you’ll have a lifetime customer and an evangelist at that.

At the very least they could offer a how-to and a manual transmission swap DIY kit along with a proper ECU reflash and I’d do that too.

please please please.