I’m looking for a daily driver, a simple commuter car.

I was originally thinking of a late-model Focus, but I’ve driven one before and I wasn’t too crazy about leg space in the driver’s seat. At the same time, I don’t think I want a true mid-sized sedan.

Am currently eyeing the Corolla and Elantra, since they’re rated as mid-sized, but are generally understood as existing between the compact and mid-sized classes. They have usable back seats and enough room for a bigger person in the driver’s seat, but they’re not as large as, say, the Sonata.

The Corolla seems nice, and I dig the reliability and resale value you get with the brand. But I’ve heard that the cabin is quite loud compared to other cars in the same class, and of course, the engine power leaves much to be expected.

The Elantra (specifically the Value Edition) seems like it hits the right price point, and has just the right sort of creature comforts included at that trim level. Push-button start, 7" touchscreen infotainment with CarPlay, back-up camera, blind spot assistance, keyless entry, a clean-looking center console, large trunk, and a bit more get-up-and-go than the Corolla. I’ve heard that the steering experience is very “detached,” but then again, I’m not going for “fun to drive” so much as “commuter vehicle” here. Consensus seems to be that it’s a comfy ride relative to others in the class.