I’m looking for three things when it comes to my next vehicle.

  1. My next car must be a color. Like, an actual color. My current car is black, and while I do like black cars, I only like them when they are clean. Which is never. Also, every other car on the road seems to be in some level of grayscale these days, so my next car must be an actual color. Maybe blue. Maybe red. Probably not orange. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I’m not ready for that sort of attention yet.
  2. I can’t escape my nagging desire for an old truck. I’ve built up the idea of it for a long time. Big, knobby tires, four-wheel drive, a heavy push-button door latch, and a 4-speed on the floor with two-foot-long shift throws. But, given that I live in the northern mid-west, finding a clean old truck would probably be difficult. In a perfect world, I’d like to have a small car and an old truck. In the real world where car insurance is a thing, this is probably less realistic than I would hope.
  3. On the total opposite spectrum from the unrealistic old-truck-daily fantasy, I would realistically like my next car to have a turbo. Because, my current base-model N/A Fiesta, while still fun on a twisty road, is just so depressingly slow. And, well, whooshy noises are good.