Here’s one of my more realistic dream trips. I’d prefer to ride it on a relatively lightweight adventure or sport touring bike. My BMW F800s would be doable if I avoid loose gravel, but something like a Triumph Tiger 800 with 90/10 tires would be perfect.

I’d head north from where I live in Michigan, take the northern route through Quebec to the Trans-Labrador Highway (I’m not sure how I feel about most of it being paved), then take the ferry to and tour Newfoundland, take the ferry to Cape Breton Island, tour the rest of the Maritimes and southern Quebec, and finally hump it on back roads the rest of the way back to Michigan.

I also want to ride or drive up the James Bay Road and the Trans-Taiga Road some day, but I think that will need even more planning and equipment to do safely. It’s more achievable time-wise though. I can see an Atlantic Canada trip like I describe above taking one or even two months to do!

A less realistic dream trip - maybe a retirement trip in 30 years - would be driving from Portugal or Spain through all of the mountain ranges possible from there to the Alps, with a side trip down Italy to my family’s ancestral village in Le Marche, then back up and down through Croatia, Albania, Greece etc. before swinging north through central Europe to Romania (inspired by David Tracy’s road trip), the Tatras in Poland, and returning through the Czech Republic, southern Germany, and France. This would ideally be done in a 997 Porsche 911 Targa.

I’d also like to do a trip by motorcycle through India - taking all the mountain and back roads I can through the western and eastern Ghats. Really, just about anywhere in the world would be worthy of that kind of trip, but I’ve been to quite a bit of rural India including the Nilgiri mountains, and it’s relatively easy to get around as an English speaker there. Something like a Kawasaki Versys-X 300 or similar would be just about perfect for this.