Drive the Rockies: Make your park reservations 11 months in advance. In July, Start at Taos NM, check out local artists, go north to Boulder CO, stopping at Great Sand Dunes (be prepared for cool winds and blowing sand). Visit Rocky Mtn national park and throw snowballs above the clouds. Head west thru Vail to Moab, Utah. Visit Arches Natl park, various state parks and go hiking or 4 wheeling.  Go north to Park Cities. Check out Olympic training venue, ride the bobsled, enjoy mountain slider tracks, outdoor concerts, good food. 4-5 star resorts are cheap in the off season. Head north to Grand Tetons Natl park for a couple days. Check out the ranger shows and drive thru the breathtaking landscape. Head north to Yellowstone Natl park for 3-4 days, view amazing geology and avoid hitting the bison resting on the road. Bring heavy costs, still gets down below freezing at night there. Even if highs can be near 80. Awesome two week driving trip.  Kids will be old enough in a couple years that we can do that drive again.  Enjoy!