A few years ago I tried to talk my dad into flying into Paris renting a nice sporty car or wagon. Then we would drive over to Spa and watch the F1 race that weekend. After that we would head over to Nurburg and drive the Nurburgring and maybe take the ring taxi too. Then we’d spend the next few days driving around Germany and seeing the sights. Then I wanted to take the Stelvio Pass on our way to Monza to see the F1 race there the next weekend. Then after the race head down to Modena to see the Ferrari factory. Then we would drive along the Mediterranean coast and stay in Nice but spend one day driving around Monaco then a day driving one of the mountain roads outside of Monaco. After that we would head towards the south of France and see the vineyards and the track at Pau. We would then travel north to see the beaches at Normandy and other battle grounds then stay in Le Mans before heading back to Paris and spending a few days sightseeing.

Of course once I priced out a rental car for two weeks, hotel, airfare and race tickets and it was close to $10,000 and Dad said there was no way. But it was fun to dream.