When I was a kid, my dad told me stories of all the cool cars he had, ‘63 Impala with the tuck and roll interior, ‘71 Buick Riviera that would cruise at 80mph all day long, grandma’s ‘65 Mustang that she hated, the ‘51 Ford with the flathead V8 he bought for $25 in the late 60s, the stepside Chevy that broke valve springs at 12k miles. I grew up admiring classic American iron. As long as I’ve been alive, my dad has always had a truck, so I enjoyed those too. I also had a fascination with Corvettes of all years. I had an ‘87 Grand Prix that was my first car, it had a rebuilt 350 Chevy (the block is still in my garage) and t-tops, and I thought it was a muscle car! Last of the G-Body GM cars!

In high school, my gearhead friends were into classic American cars too, but I started to really appreciate the 80s Japanese cars, and really wanted a first gen CRX, I ended up buying one, an ‘86 Si. Loved that car and drove it through the end of high school, and a couple years after, put 40k trouble free miles on it and sold it for $300; the kid that bought it ended up getting it impounded and never transferred title, kinda wish I went and claimed it.

As I got into my 20s, I really started to like late 80s/early 90s BMW products for their style and handling. So I went looking for an E30 or E36, ended up with a 318i E30 that I still have. The more I got into BMWs the more I liked them, the engineering and cool tech they were putting out in the late 80s was fascinating! Now at 30, in the car business, I have an appreciation for all cars, especially weird and interesting cars. We occasionally get something quirky traded in, or a customer showing up in something cool like the ‘87 4runner Turbo, or his C43 AMG.

As I get older, I still have a passion for old BMWs, but I’m starting to really appreciate the styling of euro cars of the late 60s and 70s. Quite frankly, I find the old American iron kind of staid and played out now, with the few and far between exceptions. Mecum Auctions bore me with the same big three brand cars that cross the block. The same cars I thought were cool as a kid, now seem boring.