I used to think the pinnacle of automotive achievement was good ol’ American Muscle. I learned about Mustangs from my dad and up until a few years ago, that was my dream car. I owned a ‘67 coupe in high school (dubbed by my father “the rustang”), a 2012 GT, a 1996 GT, and a 2005 GT. I always thought the best car ever made was either a 1969 Mach One or Boss 302.

Then I learned about the McLaren F1.

My entire ideal of what a car should be changed overnight. Power was still desirable, but lightness, agility, and refinement became factors in my decisions as well. I still crave the simplicity of older cars - I don’t care for driver assists and touch screens. The cars I want now have an IRS, preferably a manual transmission, and hopefully a V12. I want to see innovation to increase performance, not just someone tossing a bunch of turbos on something to make it faster.

I want to have a chance to drive a lotus, a Porsche, a mercedes sl, a bmw m.... well, something. My absolute dream is to build my own mid engine supercar, but I’m sure it’ll never happen.

For now I'll have to be satisfied daily driving and modifying my Jaguar XJS.