Oh god, yes.

When I was first in high school, I was all about the pickup trucks. I had an ‘87 Toyota XTra Cab...which I rolled, being a stupid teen. It looked a lot like this one:

I went to college and got my first job, in Vermont, where I became obsessed with Subarus. My first was an SVX:

I wanted to keep the SVX off the roads in the winter, so I got a Justy as a beater. That Justy became my first autocross car, and I sold it eventually to buy an MR2. The MR2 made way for an RX8, and at that point I was more interested in competition, so I sold the SVX (after fourteen years owning it). I bought a W210 wagon as a beater:

Then I crashed my RX8 a couple times, so I decided I needed a tow vehicle. Coincidentally, the wagon was totaled in an accident. To replace it, I bought an old Explorer. I love that hunk of junk. I destroyed the RX8 in yet another crash, so I bought an RX-8 race car, which I still have: