I feel like there was a big change in my taste in cars in college, and little gradual ones lately, in my late 30s. I was obsessed with cars when I was a little kid, then sort of lost interest up until I was 19, and made friends with a Japanese exchange student who had a Civic hatchback. I’d never really noticed hatches before that, but I feel madly in love with that car, and all hatchbacks, and wagons as well. Since then, most of the cars I’ve owned have either been hatchbacks or wagons.

One little change I’ve noticed more recently, is I’m more fond of sedans than I used to be. I used to be bitter that America mostly got those, instead of the hatchy goodness I wanted, but now that crossovers are taking over and killing low-to-the-ground cars of all varieties, those sedans I used to scorn now have a special place in my heart because A: They’re not crossovers, and B: They may well soon be gone.

When I’ve thought about what I’d replace my Mazda 3 hatch with if needed, mostly it’s stuff in the same general size, but one bigger car I’ve considered is the 6. I was always angry that that beautiful current-gen 6 wagon didn’t come stateside. Now I feel worried enough about the place of the car in the USA, that I’d take a 6 sedan for a test if I needed a car.

(but still, gimme that 6 wagon!)

Oh one last thing, in additional to sporty / zippy fun cars, I’ve always had a long appreciation with the humble minivan and its ultimate practicality. I haven’t gotten to the stage of life yet where I *need* something like that, but I’ve really grown to appreciate unpretentious pure practicality and vehicles that don’t feel the need to show off, as I’ve grown older, just as much as I appreciate the crazy flashy ones.