After 34 years of driving stick shift coupes and sports cars, I bought a used FJ cruiser with an automatic. Circumstances took away many people from my life in a very short period of time. One of my responses was to change some of my interests and see if produced different people in my life. It did. It also brought opportunities. An automatic transmission allows hours of traffic heavy driving with less frustration while the big blue box now costs much less to drive. So it opened up choices about commuting and my budget. 8 months after buying a different mid life crisis, I took a better job on the west coast. I’m writing this now from my new place in Long Beach after another fantastic night out without driving, at all.

Llife comes to me now. I dont chase it all over the place.

The change has been almost genetic in my life. Still love my sports cars and will return to them. But for now, exploring different enthusiasms, of the non wheeled variety.