I’d say my taste in cars has changed from “V8s or nothing” to just having something fun to drive. I’d say that also relates to my driving style as well, going from only caring about hammering the gas out of turns and spinning tires to wanting to hit the turns perfect, accelerating out without wasting the tires.

I think if I told 17 year old me that some of the most fun cars I’d own only had 4 cylinders, I’d call BS. But here I am, 28 years and 24 cars later - 5 of them being Miatas. My last V8 car was a C6 that I sold 4 years ago - I loved driving it, but I’m more worried about getting pulled over and arrested for speeding now than I was at 17 :)

I’m still STICK4LYFE though - 17 of the 24 were sticks, including the last 8 in a row and only 2 automatic car in the last 18 years ;).