Hey Kristen, I run the “Suicide Slabs Canada” club, as well as moderate the main international “Suicide Slabs” club. The Mission of Suicide Slabs is to build fellowship among enthusiasts of the 61-69 Lincoln Continental. Our passion, love and devotion to the Lincoln Continental has inspired us to unite as a diverse group of individuals. We strive to promote the hobby of owning, maintaining and restoring or modifying the finest American built luxury automobile.

We have nearly 4000 members across the globe, and a awesome community of people that help each other buying/selling parts, scoping out cars for each other so you dont have to travel across the country to find out its a rust bucket, putting up visiting members when a car show goes on away from home, developing new parts that are previously unavailable, and so much more.

Our club has recently caught the eye of Ford Motorsports, Buhl Racing, AutoWeek, Film & Music video directors, and being hired to perform “limo” services for proms/weddings/etc, and we are continuing to expand our visibility.

Here is my 64.