Believe it or not but smart car clubs are crazy fun.

These cars attract people from all walks of life. You go to these events and meet such a wide variety of people. One person could be a food service worker, another a banker, a lawyer, or millionaire.

Speaking to these people you’ll learn one guy’s got himself a Ferrari as a weekend driver, another guy has a second smart with a Hayabusa in it, a third guy’s built a wheelie smart car, and some eccentric person’s plastered his in LCD screens, massive speakers, and a candy paint job. Then you get people like me who are absolutely obsessed with the brand and have an army of the cars on hand.

You have a little bit of everyone from young kids to senior citizens and they all use these cars as a sort of blank canvas to do whatever they want with.

And these are just the groups in the USA. Elsewhere smart fanatics are even more diverse and more crazy. At a smarttimes event you’ll see everything from people who shoved a V8 into a forfour to someone who decided the fortwo needed a massive lift kit and mud terrains, to someone towing a camper with an electric smart.