I cofounded a car club with my friend from high school called Gran Touring Motorsports (www.gtmotorsports.org) in 2014. We are a group of track rats, HPDE drivers and instructors, offroaders, autocrossers, club racers, etc. We started the club because going to track days alone was a bit of a drag and we wanted people to feel welcome and build a community around our hobbies.

We are about 60 members strong now and bring the party to every track event we attend. In October a few of us made the trek from MD to GA for a two day event at Road Atlanta. We run with many clubs like SCCA, ACNA, Hooked on Driving (HOD), Chin Motorsport, EMRA, etc.

We also do more than just track events. Last year a few members made the trip to see the USGP in Austin and this year we went to Rolex 24. We have co/hosted karting events, car shows, picnics, ski trips, a golf tournament, happy hours, and dyno days, to name a few. If it has to do with cars, or really just people who like cars, we are all about it. We also have a Forza racing league and fantasy football.

Our reach is nationwide but our membership primarily resides in the mid-atlantic and north east.