My car club is primarily the AlfaBB. Although there’s a real-life monthly meet up for the Austin Alfisti, for years it’s been at the same time as my daughters’ dance classes so I’m rarely able to make it out. The BB is all I have for the most part, but it’s enough.

The AlfaBB “club” is pretty unique for an online forum. If you spent any time on back in the heyday of riceboy culture, or really any make/model specific forum today, you know they’re generally all radioactive garbage fires. The AlfaBB, not so much.

For example, over the years I have received at least four boxes of parts from other members THAT I DID NOT PAY FOR. Some guy halfway across the country would ask for my address and ship me a Bosch ignition amplifier, a distributor, an exhaust manifold, a tachometer, some Alfa or L-Jet specific “unicorn” tool or gauge simply in response on a post for help. And all they asked in return is that if I’m ever in a position to help another forum member get their car back on the road, to get their address and ship off some parts. That’s some truly Jesus Christ-like enthusiasm.

I have also bought parts, traded parts, exchanged diagrams or esoteric instructions. I have solved every problem that’s plagued my GTV6, to the point Bob Fernald, the regional Alfa Guru, proclaimed it the best running GTV6 he’d seen in many years. And I know fuckall about cars. My hands aren’t even ham. They’re storebrand potted meat product. Well, obviously I sort of know my way around a wrench, because I’ve done some pretty intense DIY work over the years, but more often than not correcting my own fuckwitted mistakes. And that’s where the club comes in yet again, because these guys have the patience of Job and will stick with your blitheringly ignorant threads, offering advice and ideas, until the car is running.

I can make the totally qualified statement that there would be at least one fewer Alfa Romeo GTV6 on the road without the AlfaBB, and that fact alone establishes its inherent necessity in the world.