I’m in the Rocky Mountain chapter of the Buick Club of America. The national organization has a big convention once a year with judged events for all the different eras in Buick history. The magazine comes out every month and has a restoration feature story, and exhibition/show/cruise story, sometimes a feature on a particular engine or transmission type, regular Q&A columns and (my favorite) ... the classifieds.

I don’t attend most of the events. We have a show every year, where we all go to the sponsoring dealership and park and hang out and talk a little about cars. Some members have more than one Buick, and will pick one for the show that the rest of us haven’t seen for awhile. Given how long there have been Buicks, there’s a huge stylistic range on display —

... from wooden wheel cars

... through the pre-war

... wartime and ...

... post-war models

... a lot from the 60s (a lot of skylarks and wildcats)

... and then there’s the 1970s (where my car is).

The GNs and Reattas are on display in force at every show.

We always get a handful of rat rods and lowriders. There are occasional cruises where the chapter gets together for a drive somewhere, usually some kind of museum destination with a stop for lunch in there somewhere. It seems like the median age of the chapter is probably 70, though there are a few younger guys (like myself) in our 40s and 50s.

The best part of club is getting advice or help with figuring out parts on the forums, for me. Once you really find that you like a specific kind of car, it’s probably worth joining the club.