I don’t let people who aren’t my family drive me so I’ll just do them.

My Father (The Speed Demon): My Father is a Greyhound Driver so he’s used to being electronically slowed to 60 MPH. Whenever he’s not driving that bus, he drives like a maniac. Speeding, weaving in and out of cars, boxing people in for no reason, it’s a wonder how he hasn’t gotten points on his license. Cars: 2012 750Li and 2006 Maxima

My Mother (The Distracted Turtle): My mother is a nurse in the great city of Philadelphia, so she spends her days driving in tight back alleys and messed up streets. You wouldn’t know that with how she drives out of work. For one, she’s always on the phone. She drivers extremely slow and has no awareness. She can’t maintain a lane to save her life. Then she gets mad when she almost gets sideswiped. On top of all that, she has broken multiple mirrors and scuffed many of rims in her lifetime. Car: 2015 Murano

My Sister (The Aggressive One): Driving with her is a near death experience. I swear her profession is tailgating. The fact she hasn’t rear-ended someone is a miracle in itself. She just can’t drive. Multiple unavoidable accidents. Pretty sure she’s the only on in the family who’s done a hit and run. Car: 2006 Audi A4 Quattro

My Grandmother (The Last Second Menace): A small lady in a big ass truck who tailgates and waits until the very last second to slam on the brakes, causing immense trauma and neck pain. Car: 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 4WD

Closest Cousin (The Uber Driver): Speeding, looking up videos on his phone while driving, complete ignorance of the turn signal, it’s the worst. Car: Varies

I love my family, but I hate their driving.