I had a boss who was frightening to drive with.

Once in a while we would need to head out from the office together (maybe lunch or a meeting at our other, nearby office) and each time he would drive. My blood pressure just went up thinking about it.

He would be going 20mph faster than traffic (which was already going 15-20mph over the speed limit, because SoCal), weaving between cars while reading and responding to emails on his Blackberry (so this must have been 2005-2007), and tailgating when he gets caught behind somebody. The whole time the car is beeping at him every few minutes to put his seatbelt on.

I would arrive tense and sweaty, having left indentations on the door handle from the death grip I gave it.

When we had meetings at the other office I started setting up other ones there, either before or after, so that we would drive separate.