My Dad. I love him, but hate driving with him.

Growing up, he was always a very conservative and courteous driver. I am not sure what happened, but recently he has become very angry with EVERY other car on the road. He especially hates it if other people do something that he deems wrong and feels it is his right to teach them a lesson.

It reached a breaking point for me last December when we were headed home from somewhere unimportant. We were on a business road - 2 lanes each way with a turning lane in the middle. We were driving in the left lane, and a car came up a bit fast behind him, and then proceeded pass us on the right. As the car began to pass, my father sped up to make it more difficult for the other car to get in front. The other car, being faster, got in front anyway and was stopped at the light in front of us, so my father turned on his high beams. At this point, the driver of the other car got out and started approaching us.

Tons of thoughts immediately rush through my head, most of them ended in a bad scenario for most everyone involved. I then opened the door and deescalated the situation with the other driver, and he ultimately got back in his car before the light turned green. I got back in and took the rest of the 5 minute drive home to practice some meditative breathing and not kill my father.

When we got home, I got out of the car, walked towards the house and stopped. I realized that my kids were going to be spending the week between Christmas and New Years with my parents, likely getting driven around. And then I snapped. I told him that if he wants to act like an asshole to other drivers by himself, that is fine, but if I ever find out that he does that with my kids in the car, they would never spend any unsupervised time with my parents again, and that he would have to be the one to explain to my mother, why their grandchildren were not allowed to stay with them.

He has since chilled out, but continues to complain about the lack of police visibility in the town they live in to “stop the assholes”.