This is from when I was in early college. I have many stories, but this one is the worst.

Let me set the stage, I apologize for a longer story: One of my friends has absolutely no situational awareness whatsoever and got her license late, at the age of 18. She was the epitome of a distracted driver who also was a terrible driver to begin with who always drove far too fast. She had two accidents in less than three months in a brand new Accord that her parents bought her. The first accident was right below the threshold for insurance to claim it as totaled but she totaled the other persons vehicle. The second accident was more serious and totaled her car about a week after it got out of the body shop from the first accident.

Fast foward to about three months later and this same friend was then was passed down a Buick Roadmaster from her grandmother who wasn’t driving anymore. I was in the back seat of the vehicle for this “situation”. We were going about 70mph and a conversion van which was WAYYY ahead had its left turn signal on for a while because it was going to make a u-turn. Well, the right lane was empty (she cruised only in the left lane) and she didn’t notice that the van was almost at a stop since it was turning. Instead of moving over to the right lane (which she should have been in anyway) or slamming on the brakes, she took both hands off of the wheel and covered her damn mouth. I screamed her name to snap her out of it, and she slammed on the brakes at the last minute and we hit that van going about 60MPH and it was almost at a standstill. The van was launched down into a ditch (totaled) and we slid sideways and then rolled that big ass boat of a vehicle onto its roof which slid for about another 100 feet. This accident shut down all of the northbound lanes for over an hour. It was a miracle that everyone involved was fine because everyone was wearing their seatbelts. Her insurance promptly dropped her.

So, she totaled FOUR cars in less than six months. That’s pretty bad.